Number Sense (and Probability)
  • 1-6 Number Path Roll a dice and place markers on the number path for which numbers have been rolled. Students connect the dots to the number representation and begin to see probability in action. After many trials students should see close to equal distribution.
  • What's My Sum? Roll two die and place markers on the sum. Students begin to work on number sums as well as probability distributions. A number path is available as well as a full sheet to records sums. Another sheet has students record the sums that produce the numbers to begin to see why the number 7 occurs most often. (4+3 = 6 +1 =7)
  • Give the Dog a Bone Find 10 hidden numbers on a 100's board in 60 seconds.
  • Roller Derby This is a strategy game where students place 12 markers on a grid and then roll dice to see can remove their markers first.
  • Rocket #Sense Roll two die to create a two digit number. The goal of the game is to place these numbers from low to high. Consider using 3 die to create a 3 digit number using the same goal to create 3 digit numbers from low to high.